Movie of the Week. Intacto / by Christian Tizya

My first pick for movie of the week is a film I saw a few years ago called "Intacto", and it's one of those movies where I was awestruck from the beginning to the end. It did not get a wide release as it was a Spanish production but was shot partly in English with Max Von Sydow as one of the featured stars.

If you're looking for a fresh, original story with incredible visuals check it out.

The basic premise is that in the world there are a few people with extraordinary good luck who are selected by a secret group of wealthy people who bet on them in various dangerous competitions.

The ultimate winner of the competition gets to compete in one final task, which itself is a mystery.

The visual style is mesmerizing with a fascinating premise, and I'm surprised it hasn't been remade into a big time Hollywood production yet.