Banned 1920s Fatty Arbuckle film to be screened for first time in San Francisco / by Christian Tizya

From the SF Gate, a fascinating look into the Fatty Arbuckle film that was completed just before he was accused of murder in the Bay Area 90 years ago. The film was never released as the trial destroyed his career.

Arbuckle was accused of killing an aspiring actress at a party, and due to the fact he was intoxicated he could not recall what had happened. Upon further review of the case it appears it may have been death due to an illness.

The scandal was notoriously covered in books such as Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon" and recent articles and books have pointed out he may have been innocent. Regardless he never recovered from the scandal as he was tried in public.

A movie is being developed on his story.

Article by Thomas Gladysz below

Banned film resurfaces 90 years after San Francisco scandal : Thomas Gladysz : City Brights
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