In Light of Halloween, this is a hidden gem: Anguish / by Christian Tizya

Looking for something new to creep you out? Well I stumbled upon this DVD as a "cut out" years ago for about $5, meaning the retail outlet I bought it from did all it could to get rid of it besides giving it away or throwing it out. I'm one of those stupid guys that sometimes impulse buys something blind, not knowing what it is. For $5 what can go wrong? Sure a few times I wasted 2 hours of my life, but this is one of those instances I took it home, and drunkenly on a Friday night with roomates we put it on and were floored by how awesome it was.

It's an 80s film directed by Spanish filmmaker Bigas Lunas, who was more known for erotic visually fantastic comedies in Spanish, but this was his only English effort (as far as I can tell). On top of that a horror film

It stars Michael Lerner who was better known later on for his role in Barton Fink, and Zelda Rubenstein, the creepy old lady from Poltergeist. The plot boils down to a killer who acts under the control of his crazy mother to collect eyes, but it's so incredibly original in it's approach you can't help but admire the cojones of Bigas Lunas.

Well it definitely was a visual treat with top notch cinematography. Something Europeans are just generally better at and something us North Americans will never equal.

But the kicker was the idea that it goes from a creepy thriller, and inexplicably half way through the film turns into a "movie within a movie". In a way citing Hitchcock's big surprise in Psycho when the protagnoist gets killed 1 hour in and a new movie begins.

Here's a trailer, but if you get a chance grab a few drinks and watch this with some friends.