How they made the gore effects in the last season of Game of Thrones / by Christian Tizya


Game of Thrones is known for not pulling any punches when it comes to violence and sex, but Season 4 which just wrapped up was REALLY gruesome. 

The theme of the show is interesting as it's a fantasy on another world, but going by the standards of human nature from Earth's history.

Apparently GOT is inspired by the historical War of the Roses which was as brutal and backstabbing as the show/books.

BUT *spoilers* at the end of the this season when Arya Stark is sitting and watching the Hound beg her to kill him as he's suffering from some fatal wounds, we expect her to kill him judging by the pattern of the show. But she simply walks away and leaves on a boat, denoting perhaps change is ahead.

Either way, the show managed to shock everyone this year with it's awesome effects. Check out the "mind blowing" techniques.

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