Video Series: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wes Anderson's Films in 7 Videos / by Christian Tizya

If you're a Wes Anderson fan you're in for a treat as Matt Zoller Seitz has taken his Wes Anderson book and expanded it into a 7 video breakdown series.

It's interesting that early on his career started because James L Brooks somehow saw the original version of Bottle Rocket that he reshot into the version we know today.

If that didn't happen, we wouldn't have Wes Anderson movies or the Wilson brothers as stars. 

In Grand Budapest Hotel, he and the cinematographer utilized different formats and aspect ratios so if you watched it in the theatre you saw something that couldn't be reproduced at home quite the same way.

He may have one consistent vision in style in every movie, but he does it so well and it's such a unique voice that you wouldn't want him to try anything else.

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