What's Going On Peter Parker? / by Christian Tizya

There's been a lot of talk lately about The Amazing Spider man franchise closing up shop at Sony with both directors Marc Webb and Robert Orci leaving the upcoming projects. They'll either delay it with standalone films or outright just shelve them.

Technically Sony only has to revive the franchise every few years in order to retain the rights before reverting back to Marvel/Disney. But the first one made quite a bit of money at $800 million worldwide, the production budget being $230 million (plus marketing it would be well over $300 million).

It's unknown what the budget was for ASM2 (most likely close to $400 million), but surprisingly worldwide it's done almost the same as the first at $700 million. Sure it's 100 million less than the first, and I'm sure that a few executives are pouting about it but to completely shelve the franchise wouldn't make sense.

I actually like the new reboots better than the first instalments. As much as I love Sam Raimi I couldn't stand the shmaltz of the first one, I thought the second one was fantastic, but the third? YIKES. 

On a technical level, the new movies are awesome.

What was also interesting was that ASM1 had a lot of hype around it's native 3D cinematography, even James Cameron jumping on board to consult. The results are always great with actual on set 3D cinematography, but director Marc Webb revealed recently that having two cameras on set that need to be constantly calibrated and hard to move killed the vibe. So they opted to shoot ASM2 on FILM and do a post 3D conversion. When I watched the most recent one on the big screen, really it looked awesome.

Andrew Garfield has done a great job, and bringing the methodology of Spider man closer to the comic books (ie: Spidey's web coming from a wrist attached device) worked better for me. But what has impressed me the most have been the special effects. The original trilogy looks like a video game now (same guy who did the Matrix effects, which suffers the same fate) but ASM2 had some incredible effects.

Check the video above for a little behind the scenes on Jamie Foxx's character.

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