Eva Green's Response to the Ridiculous "Sexy" Sin City Poster Controversy / by Christian Tizya

the new edited version

the new edited version

Eva Green has responded to the mini "controversy" about the new Sin City poster. Probably Dimension Films knew all this was going to happen to begin with, so free publicity.  But it still provokes a few points about Hollywood and women.

Since she is French born, she hasn't been exposed to the catering to puritan interests that Hollywood is forced to deal with. A huge part of the market is the midwestern states and bible belt, and any notion of sex or swearing is frowned upon. So she points out how the original poster is not actually nude, it just implies her curves and there's no mention of the gun in the photo.

It's quite true, Hollywood is filled with the biggest prudes on the planet, yet turn a blind eye to the violence. But at the same time they are only bending to the interests of who are buying tickets. I actually had an agent tell me once "people don't like sex. It makes them uncomfortable".

This is why television is getting all the best writers, and it's the place to go for adults who can see past all this stuff. 

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