Creepy Movie Coincidences: Dark Water.... / by Christian Tizya

Dark Water (2005)

Dark Water (2005)

Elisa Lam (2013)

Elisa Lam (2013)

There have been some movies over the years that had some strange coincidences with real life events, but one that REALLY sticks out is the Cecil Hotel/Dark Water case.

Today marks the anniversary of Elisa Lam's mysterious death at the Cecil Hotel, where hotel residents were complaining about lack of water pressure and a strange taste. When staff opened the water reservoirs on the roof, they found Elisa Lam's body inside. Nobody knows how she got in there seeing the reservoirs were locked on a secure part of the roof.

She had travelled from Vancouver to Los Angeles and stayed in the infamous Cecil Hotel (known for housing various serial killers over the years). Nobody seems to know why she chose that hotel, but considering how strange the circumstances surrounding her death is there are plenty of conspiracy websites circulating various theories.


One of those theories is the remarkable similarities her death has to the film "Dark Water" from 2005. The film doesn't take place in the Cecil, but the character names provide a clue such as Dahlia being the main character's name (Elizabeth Short, the 'Black Dahlia' murder victim stayed at the Cecil Hotel). And Dahlia's daughter's name is Cecila. 

As the film goes on there's strange "Dark Water" that seeps through the walls of the apartment they are living in, eventually revealing a girl died in the water reservoir on the roof years before

The elevator in the film plays a pivotal role as well.

Now with the Elisa Lam incident, there's a bone chilling video taken from the hotel security cam in the elevator moments before she disappeared. You see her get in the elevator and press the button, but nothing happens. She looks in and out as if someone (or something) is outside in the hallway, eventually walking out and doing some strange hand movements just outside the door.

There's more to it that gets even creepier, but check out the link below and see what you think could be behind this whole thing. Has anyone thought to ask the screenwriter Raphael Ygelsias?

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