How They Made the Exploding Head In 'Scanners' / by Christian Tizya

Remember Scanners? The "exploding head" that had people talking for weeks after seeing it?

Well I wasn't allowed to see it (I was just a kid at the time), but I used to read a lot of sci fi and movie magazines, and in an issue of Starlog they had a screen capture of the exploding head and I thought "Wow, that looks kind of real".

I remember the poster was terrifying, and even in some marketing materials they used the image of the exploding head.

The video above taken from the Criterion release that has the VFX guys talking about in detail how they created that effect. It's the stuff of folklore as when Cronenberg was a fledgling independent Canadian director doing B Horror movies. 

Just watch the video, I don't want to ruin it for you cause it's kind of hilarious.


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