An Insane Shot in The Raid 2 Took Three Cameramen to Accomplish / by Christian Tizya

The Raid 2 was shot in Indonesia, so most likely the safety restrictions for a film crew is much more lax than union based North American film crews (as well as a film production insurance issue). But the results of certain techniques during this production are outstanding.


In my opinion everyone involved has raised the bar for Martial Arts action movies, as Jackie Chan tops the list in terms of insane stunts, but these guys have equalled him on that front, AND they're all actually hitting each other.

This particular shot takes place during a fantastic sequence that begins with a close quarters hand to hand combat fight scene inside a car, then escalates to a car chase where the camera seems to move seemlessly from car to car as they are weaving in and out of traffic.

At one point the camera goes inside a car from one side, then out the other side all in one take. 

One of the cameramen as you can see, was dressed as a car seat to avoid detection in front of the camera. He then hands it off to a guy lying down on a plank outside the car while it's moving at 60 km/h. 

These guys are nucking futs. 

What is interesting is that writer/director Gareth Evans (who has a degree in screenwriting) doesn't write the script based on "Oh I want a fight inside a car". He writes the story, THEN looks for opportunities for innovative action sequences to augment the story, which is how it should be done.

If you haven't seen the Raid 2 yet, see it now. Instant classic. I'm already looking forward to the next installment he's working on.

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