November Challenge: Write a novel - The Aggressor (Work in progress) / by Christian Tizya

I've always wanted to write a novel but I've been focusing on screenwriting for so long I haven't had the chance. After attending a pitch session in LA and meeting other screenwriters who have written novels, I've decided to give it a shot by dedicating the month of November to finish 50,000 words. I'm using as a springboard.

Synopsis: A Canadian occupational therapist meets a homeless girl and becomes entranced by her life story, and soon finds himself on a journey to India in hopes it will fill the gap in her life. In pursuit of a tiger poacher she believes killed her father, they strive to find solace amidst the chaos of South Asia.

Help me out by reminding me once in a while by asking "how's the novel coming?" Check the entry in the blog here: The Aggressor on Wordpress

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