New design / by Christian Tizya

Well the website company I chose to use has upgraded their look/templates, so I decided to give it a try. A bit more streamlined, we'll see how it goes.

Things have been quiet as I have been in an intense "writing mode" which involved me travelling to Los Angeles and getting feedback about pitching scripts to bigwigs in Hollywood. It was an intense, exhilarating experience that is not for the faint of heart. Then again, filmmaking in general is like that is it?

The script I decided to pitch is entitled "Twitch". I've done about 4 drafts in a few months, and it's changed drastically each time. I won't give away too much, but it's been described as a "Film Noir Romance Thriller" if that makes sense....

Heart of Ice

Things got real busy on a personal note so I had to put aside aspirations of completing a novel in record time (don't we all). BUT Heart of Ice has been picked up for release in the USA, but not for another few months. 

It will be available under a new title "Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice" and different artwork seen here.

Keep checking back for updates on that. Hopefully it makes it onto Netflix, Itunes etc.

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