Vote for our entry "We Become Archives" in the Daniel Lanois contest / by Christian Tizya

One of my musical heroes Daniel Lanois recently put out a call for filmmakers to create videos to accompany music from his upcoming album "Flesh and Machine". I hastily put together a video last minute, and lo and behold:

I was just notified that my entry is one of three chosen to be featured on the website! The one with the most votes will be shown at TIFF Lightbox in Toronto, Ontario on November 5th.

So please go here:

And vote for "We Become Archives".


A Little Background

There were three choices, so I chose "Aquatic" and decided to use some old family photos of mine. I thought about the title of the song, and all the news about rising water levels, so i set up my water tank and put the photos below it.

Then, from above I filmed them through the water while manipulating the Lens Baby focal points. 

I thought that someday future civilizations will come across our memories and wonder who we were, the same way we look upon the ancients. 

shooting old photos under water for a contest due tomorrow.

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rendering footage of underwater photos

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