Production Diary: On The Road.... / by Christian Tizya

Talking to the dads...

Talking to the dads...

Last week we went on the road to a community outside of the city to interview some fathers who agreed to be involved in the documentary.

It was quite a shock to hear almost identical stories that we heard from interviews conducted within city limits.

It goes to show that the experiences seem to be universal across the various backgrounds of participants.

Along the way, we heard of one father who keeps having his kids apprehended while he is away to work in the camps for the oil industry, yet one of the stipulations for his conditions is that he has to be working to have custody of his kids.

While driving home we saw dozens, if not hundreds of oil tankers lined up along the highway ready to export from the north to all parts of the world. 

The best part of the experience was sitting outside and talking to the guys amongst some tipis that were set up for community cultural days that are coming up next month. 

Up next we are back in the city, continuing onto a few more interviews until it's time to start editing...

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