Screenwriting Diary: Splitting Up One Idea Into Two Scripts... by Christian Tizya

I went to Hollywood with an idea, and learned it was nowhere near finished. Now that I've rewritten it a few times, I realized "Wait, now I have two ideas, why not have two scripts?"

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Screenwriting Diary: Millhawk (TV Pilot) by Christian Tizya

I've had this idea for years about a TV show about a cop fighting to prove he's not insane (that's all I will divulge for now). Just finished the first draft



Screenwriting Diary: Character Networks for Twitch by Christian Tizya

Over the last few months I've been rewriting my screenplay Twitch to get it to a decent level for feedback. With subplots about the complex criminal underworld I'm doing a "social network" for the characters to keep track of who's who and who's done what within the story.

Basically you make up a history of each character then "Create a timeline" and connect them with other characters. Like I said crime stories tend to get complex ,

After the rough draft is made I'll export it to Visio to print out. It really helps me in my writing.

For the synopsis for Twitch, check the screenplay section.



New design by Christian Tizya

Well the website company I chose to use has upgraded their look/templates, so I decided to give it a try. A bit more streamlined, we'll see how it goes.

Things have been quiet as I have been in an intense "writing mode" which involved me travelling to Los Angeles and getting feedback about pitching scripts to bigwigs in Hollywood. It was an intense, exhilarating experience that is not for the faint of heart. Then again, filmmaking in general is like that is it?

The script I decided to pitch is entitled "Twitch". I've done about 4 drafts in a few months, and it's changed drastically each time. I won't give away too much, but it's been described as a "Film Noir Romance Thriller" if that makes sense....

Heart of Ice

Things got real busy on a personal note so I had to put aside aspirations of completing a novel in record time (don't we all). BUT Heart of Ice has been picked up for release in the USA, but not for another few months. 

It will be available under a new title "Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice" and different artwork seen here.

Keep checking back for updates on that. Hopefully it makes it onto Netflix, Itunes etc.


November Challenge: Write a novel - The Aggressor (Work in progress) by Christian Tizya

I've always wanted to write a novel but I've been focusing on screenwriting for so long I haven't had the chance. After attending a pitch session in LA and meeting other screenwriters who have written novels, I've decided to give it a shot by dedicating the month of November to finish 50,000 words. I'm using http://www.nanowrimo.org/ as a springboard.

Synopsis: A Canadian occupational therapist meets a homeless girl and becomes entranced by her life story, and soon finds himself on a journey to India in hopes it will fill the gap in her life. In pursuit of a tiger poacher she believes killed her father, they strive to find solace amidst the chaos of South Asia.

Help me out by reminding me once in a while by asking "how's the novel coming?" Check the entry in the blog here: The Aggressor on Wordpress