Screening in Edmonton Tonight (November 26th) by Christian Tizya

Aboriginal Fathers Love Their Children Too documentary screening at the Alberta Art Gallery.

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Production Update: Filmmaking and Cultural Protocol by Christian Tizya

When filming a project that involves other cultures, it's always a good idea to research their customs and protocol ahead of time.

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A call out for Indigenous musicians by Christian Tizya

Watson Street is producing a short documentary on Aboriginal Fathers who are facing challenges in the Native Child Welfare system, and we are looking for music to include.

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A New Short Documentary... by Christian Tizya

A new project entitled "Aboriginal Fathers Love Their Children Too!" is in the works at Watson Street. 

It's a short information piece for the Creating Hope Society in Edmonton, Alberta. It's about the challenges Aboriginal fathers meet in the child welfare system. 

Production has started and will run into the middle of the summer.

Some screenings may occur around Edmonton so keep an eye out.


Soon to be seen on online streaming sites: Cannibal Possession by Christian Tizya

After the previous blog post our documentary entitled "Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice" and how hard it was to format, it's a pleasure to say it's been sent off the be placed on sites/services like iTunes/Netflix.

Keep checking over the next while!