heart of ice

Heart of Ice Streaming on Amazon Prime by Christian Tizya

Now available to stream in both in USA and Canada on Amazon Prime.



I did an interview with Larry Fessenden a few months ago regarding my experience making "Heart of Ice" and now it's in a book on the Wendigo subject. 

Quite possibly the most in depth book on the subject and its portrayal in pop culture, arts.


Here's where the book can be ordered:

Sudden Storm at Fiddleblack Books


Soon to be seen on online streaming sites: Cannibal Possession by Christian Tizya

After the previous blog post our documentary entitled "Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice" and how hard it was to format, it's a pleasure to say it's been sent off the be placed on sites/services like iTunes/Netflix.

Keep checking over the next while!


Heart of Ice Screening by Christian Tizya

Heart of Ice was screened for a group of Psychologists at the University of Alberta (in an old Psychiatric facility), and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive! It was the first screening to a room of people.

Thanks to everyone who came, to Tania Oommen for organizing the screening and Dr. Liam Ennis and Nathan Carlson for taking questions. 

Next week there will be an excerpt of the film shown at the Rubaroo Arts Festival in Edmonton