Soon to be seen on online streaming sites: Cannibal Possession by Christian Tizya

After the previous blog post our documentary entitled "Cannibal Possession: Heart of Ice" and how hard it was to format, it's a pleasure to say it's been sent off the be placed on sites/services like iTunes/Netflix.

Keep checking over the next while!


New Clip from Heart of Ice by Christian Tizya

Here's a clip from the finished "Heart of Ice". This is where Nathan explores an area where a suspected Wendigo was executed...


Heart of Ice available for $9.99 Pre-Order by Christian Tizya



DOWNLOAD: $9.99 

DVD: $22.99 (including shipping)

Using your credit card, you can purchase Heart of Ice through Paypal. You can download a full file straight to your computer or get it on DVD. Both will be available to you on Friday June 1st, 2012.

For DVD shipping will be to North America at $22.99. For international shipping it will be recalculated depending on your location and added to the $22.99 amount.

Purchase it here:



Heart of Ice Full Movie


July 2010 CBC Interview by Christian Tizya

Christian Tizya did an interview with CBC Radio Alberta on the program "Daybreak". It was available on the CBC website but you had to scroll through the entire program to find the interview.


Here on the Watson Street Tumblr blog you can listen to the interview on it's own at around 11 minutes


CBC Interview with Christian Tizya on "Heart of Ice"


New Trailer by Christian Tizya

New trailer located on Vimeo.