Watch: David Fincher’s Zodiac and the Art of the Insert / by Christian Tizya

From Josh Forrest, an overview of all the insert shots from David Fincher's Zodiac.

This was one of the first films to be shot on the Viper camera, making it one of the first all digital productions.

What blew me away was a lot of Zodiac was shot on a green screen sound stage, so many of the shots on the streets were actually not real. As well, a green screen was erected on location so they can get the feel of the location but have the dated scenery behind them added in post. 

Even watching it now you can't tell.

With David Fincher's experience in music videos and ads in his early days, he really mastered the art of the insert shot. Each and every shot is done pristinely and beautifully lit to emphasize the points he wants to make. I'm not even sure if he gets a 2nd unit to do these?

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