Female-Led Films Make More Money / by Christian Tizya


What has been an inevitable conclusion and an upward trend for a while now is that Female Driven movies generally do VERY well compared to the usual male dominated fare.

Perhaps men are so busy playing video games now that the cinema now belongs to women?

Previously a "girl's night out" movie would consist of a group of women talking/complaining about men and boyfriends being dragged to the theatre, but with the arrival of Bridesmaids things really took a different turn. Yes it was a group dynamic but with the added element of raunchy comedy it attracted both men and women. And it was a script written by women.

This article points out a new problem with "strong female characters" and the "Trinity Effect". It points out the Vasquez character from Aliens started a trend of masculine heroines driven by violence. In James Cameron's defence a lot of his female characters he admitted are inspired by his adventure seeking mom. But there's a danger of creating a new cliche that's just as annoying as the cardboard housewife/nagging girlfriend.

It's hard as a man to try and get the characters right, and you may get that "I can't win!" feeling, but ask a few women their opinion on a budding idea you have.

If you ask me, having more movies created and controlled by women would be the ultimate goal for everyone to aim for. Makes sense and everyone would win.

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