Download All the Episode Scripts for Hannibal / by Christian Tizya

Someone at livingdeadguy took the time to put together and upload these fantastic PDFs of the script for every episode of Hannibal so far.


They formatted it in landscape (probably to save space) but they also included some behind the scenes photos and materials, and tons of other extra stuff.

I was a huge fan of Dexter, and it took me a while to finally watch Hannibal but man. I never realized a major network could show such dark, gruesome stuff on TV (albeit late at night). Now in my opinion it has surpassed what Dexter was going for in every sense.

Hannibal is one of the most well written shows on TV right now. The original franchise became so popular because it took the angle of the FBI profiler which was never seen before and people gravitated towards the idea of trying to "understand" the killer mindset.

The show has adopted that stance as opposed to going the shlocky route, also really taking care of the relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham.

Anyone (like me) who was a huge fan of Manhunter will appreciate the show. The character of Graham is slowly crumbling under the pressure of his macabre gifts, all the while being oblivious to the fact that a monster is sitting right across from him giving advice. It's a very visceral, nasty spiral that doesn't pull any punches.

For now, check out the site with all the materials. It's hours and hours of interesting reading.

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