What Cameras Did the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival Filmmakers Use? / by Christian Tizya

Arri Alexa on Law and Order: SVU set. Photo by  Daniel P. Fleming

Arri Alexa on Law and Order: SVU set. Photo by Daniel P. Fleming

Well after finding out that Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey and movies like Skyfall, Prisoners were shot with the Arri Alexa, I've been a huge fan of that camera for a while now.

Judging by the link below listing the cameras used for indie films at this year's Los Angeles Film Festival, the winner is the Alexa. Also the Red Epic came in close, but as well the Sony EX1 was used on a few films.

The sensor for the Arri Alexa can mimic Super 35, and as well it was customized for anamorphic usage. So you can cut down that ultra sharpness from HD and soften the image a bit when using anamorphic lenses. 

Check out the list and see for yourself.

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