Guardians of the Galaxy Director Thinks Post-converted 3D Is Just As Good As True 3D / by Christian Tizya

Marvel director James Gunn recently revealed in a facebook post that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy was meant to be shot for 3D from the beginning. Just not "true 3D" but to be converted in post, stating it looks just as good (if not better) than shooting 3D in camera.

This brings up some interesting points, as lots of work that is being done in CGI is in fact "native" 3D, meaning the origins of the image is in fact in 3D.

As well, closely after the release of Avatar, Sony pictures announced that the reboot for the Spider Man franchise was going to be shot in true 3D on set. With a director new to not only a blockbuster franchise but to 3D as well, they brought on James Cameron to give some tips. He recently stated that he felt having two cameras on set that couldn't be moved around as easily, as well as a jungle of cables held back the "spontaneous" process, so he opted to shoot for a post conversion for the latest installment.

So with 3D thriving in cinemas it's not going away anytime soon. At first there was lots of criticism of early post converted 3D films looking lacklustre, but like any new process there'll be detractors at first until someone begins to adjust and adapt.

So shooting on set will remain as is, but for post conversion there'll be some adjustments when it comes to exposure and such. Should be interesting.

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