Tom Hardy Says Film Is Getting A "Kick In The Balls" From TV / by Christian Tizya


It seems like True Detective has sparked a rebellion from movie actors. They now want to be involved behind the camera as much as in front.

It's not a bad idea, as True Detective was excellent and now with television taking risks that movie studios won't dare to try. Regular mature adult audiences can watch interesting shows on TV that are blowing the movies away. 

With the youth market dictating the Hollywood system the same way that happened to the music industry, risky stories are being shelved and suppressed to avoid losing at the box office. WIth television, you can keep the budgets smaller, spread a story out over a few episodes creating new types of story arcs. 

So i am actually excited to see what happens in the future, granted that the FCC doesn't decide to over regulate cable. But seeing major networks are allowing more mature material on late night time slots like Hannibal, we're all safe for now.

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